Carol Jaynes
  • 6063 Bellaire Drive
  • New Orleans, Louisiana 70124
  • Phone: (912) 484-2533


Teaching Region:  Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida panhandle.  Any excuse to visit my previous home and friends in Georgia and South Carolina.

I have finally moved to New Orleans!  The city, the Quilting Community, and my family have welcomed me with so much enthusiasm!  spending time with my granddaughter is especially rewarding!

After fifteen years, another dear friend Elfie convinced me to, not only try one of Judy Neimeyers patterns, but to get in touch with her about becoming one of her certified instructors. This part of my journey has been the most exciting! The beautiful patterns, wonderful fabrics, organizational and construction methods that make sense and are easy to follow. All with the final result being a fabulous quilt! All of this while getting to know the marvelous people associated with the Quiltworx organization!

Teaching other quilters these patterns, sharing my story, and listening to their stories is proving to be the most fun ever!

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