Barb Linares
  • 3982 Elysian Ct
  • Tallahassee, FL 32311
  • Phone: 813-855-3066


Barb made her first quilt when she was pregnant with her oldest child, Stefani, in 1990. She spent the next 15 years making charity quilts and quilts for family and friends.

In 2005 she started “Crafty Threads” as a custom embroidery business. In 2008 she bought her first longarm and was soon quilting for others. Crafty Threads became a full service brick and mortar quilt shop in 2010. She started her first “Judy” quilt (Weeping Willow) at a class in 2011 at the Bernina Store in Tampa, FL. She was “hooked”! Crafty Threads became a Certified Shop in 2013 and Barb became a Certified Instructor in 2016.

The organization and step-by-step process of Judy’s quilt patterns is truly amazing. The stunning precision and complexity across a myriad of different designs keeps Barb coming back for more.

Let Barb help you from start to finish! With her great eye for color, she can help you chose your fabrics and then guide you through each technique until you have a completed masterpiece!

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