The schedule shown below captures every class, including Judy's, our Certified Instructors, and Certified Shops across the US and Canada that occur on any given day!  Looking for a class at a particular time of year?  This will help you quickly and easily find what is available!

We've had requests in the past for other ways to sort classes, for example, by location, by pattern, by instructor, and so forth. We are excited that our new website has taken many of these steps and as our programs continue to grow, we anticipate the functionality of our calendar will continue to improve!  This information is available in the following locations:

  1. Only Classes at Quiltworx Retreats can be found on our Retreats Page.
  2. Classes happening with Judy and Each of our Certified Instructors can be found on the Teaching and Certification Programs:  Instructors Page.
  3. The regions that our Certified Instructors teach in are listed next to their names so you can find classes that are unique to your area.
  4. To find a class for a specific pattern, visit our Patterns Page under Products, find your specific Pattern and check the Calendar.
  5. Classes and Events Held by our Certified Shops can be found on the Teaching and Certification Programs: Certified Shops Page.
  6. To find where Judy is teaching, click on Teaching and Certification Programs: Certified Instructors, and Judy is at the top of the page.

If you are simply looking to find out what Quiltworx is up to and where you can find ANY of us, please start here!  If you want to narrow your search by instructor, shop, Judy, or pattern, please visit the respective page to meet your needs!  Thank you for your interest in instruction and Happy Sewing!

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