Bear Paw Quilting & Bernina
  • 600 W Kathleen Ave Suite #10
  • Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83815
    Phone: 208-664-1554
About Our Shop

Kathryn and Sandy met at a local quilt shop where Kathryn was teaching classes that Sandy attended with several friends.  The two had much in common…Kathryn was a long time sewer and quilter and Sandy had a degree in textiles and interior design. Incidentally, both ladies had a dream of owning their own fabric store. Needless to say, the two women hit it off and after hard work and dedication, they opened Bear Paw Quilting and Bernina!

In 2002, the store occupied 1800 square feet of space.  But within a year, the owners expanded their business into the adjoining space and two years later, they expanded to 4200 square feet.

These two ambitious ladies weren’t done dreaming yet, though. In 2009, they designed and built Bear Paw Plaza to house Bear Paw Quilting & Bernina, plus a yarn shop and salon.  The plaza features high ceilings, good lighting and an open, Northwestern feel.  Logs support open wood trusses and paw prints grace the sidewalk.

Kathryn and Sandy are dedicated to creating a welcoming, friendly gathering place for quilters and sewers of all types.  In addition to providing outstanding customer service, they offer a great variety of fabric, sewing supplies and classes.  Their mission is to present customers with a multitude of choices, helping them navigate the options with knowledgeable, personalized service.

When customers visit Bear Paw Quilting & Bernina, nestled in a scenic Idaho resort area, they can be confident that they’ll find the quilting supplies they’re looking for, along with the attention they deserve.

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